“Great team.
A bit of miss-communication or planning since the unit position wasn't initially installed at discussed location with rep.. Unit main piping now has 2 right angles into it.
Rep. did not present proof of insurance as requested by client.
Rep. did not present proof of permitting as requested by client.
Was on the impression that rep. was also making sure with HOA that the unit location would be OK and not special permit and project presentation would be done. That's because each HOA has it ways.
Great team. Great rep.
To improve:
1) Communication with HOA's;
2) Communication with client; (Rep. should have checklist of client requests)
3) Rep – Team communication and installation planning.
Here the Rep or a senior installation team member is responsible of full installation as per planning.
4) Real planning of installation not to have surprises.”

– Rene L.