Edgewood, WA

Air Conditioning

Are you struggling to find an air conditioning company you can trust in Edgewood, WA? Maybe your air conditioning system suddenly stopped working, your home isn’t cooling properly, or you noticed a leak coming from your system. Trust in Dr. Cool—we are on your side and can handle it all.

Don’t try to fix your system on your own or continue letting your system perform less efficiently than it’s capable of operating. Just reach out to our professionals who can step in to address the situation, and we will leave your system in top condition.

Contact us at 253.863.5665 or request service online today.

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Commercial Services

Is it time for a new commercial heating and cooling system for your business? Dr. Cool is here for you. After all, we provide the best commercial heating and cooling services here in Edgewood, WA.

Opt for a more energy-efficient system, save money on your utility bills, and improve your indoor air quality (IAQ). Speak with our professionals to learn more.

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Ductless Systems

Whether it’s time for a full ductless system replacement or you’re in need of professional repair, Dr. Cool is here to address all of your needs. Our team of experts can go over the wide variety of ductless systems as well as offer you the repair and maintenance services you need to ensure your system is operating well all throughout the year here in Edgewood, WA.

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For the furnace services you need and can trust here in Edgewood, WA, reach out to our Dr. Cool experts.

Our team is composed of highly skilled and trained professionals who are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the furnace in your home functions as well as it should.

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Heat Pumps

Ready to invest in a great, energy-efficient alternative to provide heating and cooling in your Edgewood, WA, home? Be sure to speak with our Dr. Cool professionals about heat pump installation so you can start saving on your energy bills and enjoying an environmentally friendly heating and cooling system.

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Indoor Air Quality

Looking for a way to breathe better with ideal indoor air quality (IAQ) in your Edgewood home? Dr. Cool can discuss the best methods to achieve cleaner indoor air.

Stop breathing in as many chemicals, odors, and allergens. Start breathing in fresher, cleaner air in your Edgewood, WA, home today.

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Are you looking for effective maintenance for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system in your Edgewood home so it can remain efficient for the entire year? Dr. Cool offers exactly what you’re looking for! Our maintenance can help you feel confident about the health of your system.

After all, routine maintenance can reduce the number of breakdowns, especially when we catch problems early on before they become more severe. We will address any issues for you and help keep your system in great condition.

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Water Heaters

If you hear an unusual sound coming from the water heater in your Edgewood, WA, home, do not be alarmed. Dr. Cool will happily take a look and work to resolve the problem for you.

With our team’s combined experience and knowledge, your issue will be taken care of in no time, and you will be left with a well-functioning water heater.

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Zone Control Systems

Considering adding a zone control system to your current Edgewood home? Or are you looking to have zone control system installation in your newly built home?

Maybe you already have a zone control system but something isn’t working correctly and you want a professional to take a look at it. No matter what your zone control needs are in Edgewood, WA, Dr. Cool can step in and get the job addressed for you.

Contact us at 253.863.5665 or request service online today.

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“David and Tony did an excellent job putting in our Ductless system today. They were very polite and their attention to detail was wonderful. I would recommend this company for all your heating and cooling needs. Local company that doesn’t advertise on TV and it reflects in their pricing. Plus they were fast at getting us in their schedule. We are very happy and will use them again as we will be adding a 3 way mini split in the bedrooms too!”
- David & Jayne S.
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Thank you for your kind words and recommendation; we’re thrilled you’re happy with our service and look forward to working with you again on your mini split installation!

“Dr. Cool-Heat had originally installed our furnace back in 2007. We decided that we needed air conditioning added. Mark & Ty came to our house in July of 2022 and spent half of a day educating us on a variety of air conditioning options. They were both very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. My wife Lori and I both felt like they listened to our description of our needs and helped guide us to the best product & service for our situation. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that we only had to wait about 2-3 weeks until our installation. Today, August 8, 2022 was our installation day. Mick and Danny arrive early in the morning and both were very personable, friendly, and did a quick review of the process for installation. Once we had decided on a few routing options, both of them got busy and stayed busy all day. Ty came to our house about an hour or two after our installation crew arrived to check initial progress and review the installation process again. Right before Ty arrived Todd came to our house, he was also friendly and jumped right in to assist Danny & Mick. Our two electricians Alex & A.J. arrived about noon and were very friendly and worked very hard despite very hot temperatures in our garage and attic. The whole crew finished up around 3:30 pm and they all did a great job of cleaning up, making sure the system was working properly, and they were friendly and took time to say goodbye. Mick did a nice job of wrapping up the day by explaining & demonstrating the proper use of our new thermostat. It was a very good experience and we would definitely give them a great recommendation.”

– Marty O.